No F1, F2 etc... Multigen only! And that means 100% purebred Australian Labradoodle.

This section would like to begin with this statement because everyone who searches for an Australian Labradoodle (Cobberdog) has encountered such wording - F1(2,3). It means that some "breeders" pursuing solely commercial purposes create poodles and Labradors, and their puppies, which are essentially the usual mestizajors, two-breed hybrids, pass off as Labradoodles and even successfully sell them with the wording F1 (first generation mestizo, F2 - second, etc.). However, breeding a new breed is a long-term and very expensive work, work of responsible specialists with great amount of knowledge in genetics and veterinary science which takes tens of years. It was Wally Conron who set himself the goal of creating the perfect breed of barnyard dog, selecting the breeds he settled on Labrador and Poodle. His work was further inspired by other breeders who took Conron's ideas and work and continue to improve the breed to this day. They closely cooperate with each other to improve Labradoodle breed qualities. Due to their efforts in 2012 Australian Cobberdog breed was registered by Australian Cynology Federation.

We are very thankful to Maria Guseva (, the first breeder of Australian Labradoodles in Russia, who cooperates with well known kennels, that she entrusted us her litter dog Jazzy, black Labradoodle of medium size, from whom we are expecting puppies in colours apricot, cream, choco, gold and black already this summer. We are excited about our cooperation and about the opportunity to own a purebred, well-bred and in good health. Dogs from a bona fide breeder are a guarantee of health and conformity to all breed qualities. Jazzy is registered with the MDBA (International Register of Purebred Dogs), which entitles us to guarantee the pedigree of the dog. This organization oversees the proper implementation of breeding work, which aims to improve the quality of the breed, health control proven by tests and compliance with the rules for a quality of life pets.

All puppies leaving our kennel will have the appropriate documents including pedigree. The father of our puppies will be one of the producers of Australian Marvel kennel, which we will introduce later and you can see him on the website

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