If you're looking for a Devon Rex kitten, you've heard about its unusual qualities. Yes, they're not just cats, they're companion cats who follow their owners wherever they go. They are quick and easy to get in touch with all family members, whether human or pet. They are fearless, curious, very affectionate and purrfect, highly intelligent, so they can be taught simple commands, and for this, the Deowon is often called a "cat dog".

At home Devons are very comfortable, because they do not shed, and therefore do not require combing, and your home will always be clean from the cat's hair. At the same time, cats are very pleasant to the touch, their coats are soft and silky.

Our babies are accustomed to the litter box and scratching post and are vaccinated. We prefer natural food for our pets, which has a positive effect on their health and coat quality. Every season, we have new kittens born in our cattery. You can see current kittens and litters on our Facebook page and Instagram. If you have a specific preference in colour or sex of kitten, you can queue up with a contract and prepayment.

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