About us

DE-LA LAND kennel is engaged in house keeping and breeding of ecological breeds of pets and that is why we have made our choice in favour of cats Devon Rex and dogs of a breed Australian Labradoodle.

The concept of "eco-friendliness" reflects the ability of these breeds to keep our homes clean despite the presence of animals. For many families, this is the most important criterion in their choice, because these breeds are best suited to allergy sufferers.

Devons and Labradoodles absolutely do not shed, have no smell of wool, do not require daily care. The wool of these animals is silky, cool, always clean and pleasant to the touch.

In our kennel you will find the best representatives of your breed, because we carefully select pedigree animals, which we use in breeding. They all have good health and excellent character and will become full and favorite members of your family, will give you positive emotions, will be faithful friends for your children, will gladly accompany you on trips. Labradoodles and Devons are wonderful companions.

Every season we have kittens and once a year we have Labradoodle puppies. Pre-registration is open for puppies. You can read more about Labradoodle here, for quick contact, follow the links on Facebook or Instagram or fill out the feedback form and we will get back to you.
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